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How it works

Free Freshwater & Electricity with one Windmill and ZERO Energy costs

Function of the SolteQ Windmill

A short description How it works

Advantages in comparision with present methods:

1. 100% sustainable fresh water

2. Low water cost price (competitive with fossil driven systems)

3. Distributed production close to consumption: no unmetered usage anymore.

4. Capacities of 225m3/day to 800m3/day fresh water

5. Additional electricity from excess wind energy

6. Low maintenance costs

7. Sand and salt resistant

8. Best use of wind energy: low conversion losses, efficiency 95%

9. Autarkic system, no electric grid necessaryEvery power class easy to realize

  • Delivers Fresh water and electricity
  • 100% sustainable and at low cost prices
  • Windmill 15m to 120m height
  • Off-grid operation possible
  • Total supply for Islands and isolated regions

Wind driven reverse osmosis for coastal, rural area’s and delta’s.

Attractive cost price, no electric grid necessary


Reverse osmosis (RO) is world wide the most used system conversing non-drinkable and salt or brackish water into fresh water. However the energy costs are high and in the large majority the system is fossil driven.

Is there a sustainable method producing the prime energy for reverse osmosis was the question we asked ourselves.

Wind energy can be used in a lot of locations: coastal areas and islands. However the wind energy is typically first converted to a slow rotating ax, than by means of a gear converted to high speed (1500 rpm for 50 Hz and 1800 rpm for 60 Hz), then the rotating energy is converted to electric energy and transported to the RO, where an electric driven high pressure pump delivers the prime energy source for the RO. 

Why not create high pressure straight from the wind energy?
The idea of the hydraulic windmill was born.

Materials and Methods:

Reverse Osmosis installations use normally around 5 kWh per m3 fresh water produced and with energy recovery systems 3 kWh/m3. The costs of electricity are 60% to 80% of the total operational costs, depending on the amortization time and electricity prices. A major cost element thus. RO systems are 24 hour in operation and have a rather constant energy need. Wind energy depends on the wind velocity and rises with the third grade with the velocity.

We developed a system to combine energy recovery in the drive train from the hydraulic system and this allows some flexibility in adapting changing wind energy supplies, but only to a certain degree.

So excess energy we use either for cascading a RO or to produce electricity. This allows either to feed into the grid or to establish a micro-grid fro electricity. The main advantage of a hydro windmill is that the wind energy is used more efficiently, especially if the prime energy used is high pressure, such as in the case of reverse osmosis systems, compressors and/or pumps.

Compared to a 100% electric wind turbine this combination has the following advantages:

• Most efficient use of the prime energy

• Less maintenance

• Use of more efficient synchronous generator easier thanks to foundation location and better access for inverter.

• Maintenance can be done easier, cheaper and safer (Think of fire for instance)

• The system is resistant against salt and sand

• RO installations are very often needed in area’s with unreliable or no electric grid available. The combination of water and 

• electricity production can easily be adapted to an off-grid operation. So, even if no grid is available this can be applied.

• For the electricity there has to be storage or for instance in area’s where the electricity is used for food refrigeration it can be used in such way that cold is stored for this application (ice cubes production)

Results and conclusions:

The hydro windmill in combination with a reverse osmosis proves to be an attractive solution for a large number of applications, producing fresh water, reliable, sustainable and economically.

The combination of high pressure for reverse osmosis or pumps in combination with the production of electricity allows its use in a large number of applications.

Pay-Back Period:
The pay-back period is depending on costs of fossil energy and local electricity prices about 2,5 - 3,5 years.

Option: Folding Tower

Hide it in a case of a hurricane

Areas with storm and hurrican hazard is a very risk place for a Wind Energy System with its high tower.

A SolteQ-Energy Windmill can easy layed down by pressing a button via hydraulic.

► Easy to install without crane

► Stormsafe - can be layed down when strorm or hurricane comes up

► Easy maintenance

► Up to a nave height of 30m

The tower consist of 4 elements and can be installed very easy on floor level. If once mounted the tower can be lift up via the two hydraulic cylinders as by a „magic hand“.

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